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Recharge Encore

Greetings Everyone!

I was discussing the current state of affairs in the yoga world with a fellow studio owner from San Francisco recently, and she was expressing the challenges of keeping her business afloat in an environment where corporate yoga powerhouses are buying up smaller studios to magnify their brand and maximize their profits. Apparently one of the teachers at her studio had told her that this phenomenon was not such a bad thing because at least these monopolists were “keeping yoga relevant.” My friend pondered the logic of this statement and then rebutted, “Actually, it’s stress that is keeping yoga relevant in today’s world.”

Alignment-based yoga is a reliable antidote to stress because of the way it preserves the integrity of the spine and therefore pacifies the central nervous system. Many of us warehouse our stress in the neck and shoulders, and so I am thrilled to announce that our three new releases all address this tendency. In Recharge #7, you will revisit a classic MYTG sequence for re-balancing the shoulder girdle and softening the muscles of the neck, then you will calm and focus your mind through the practice of nadi shodhana, also known as alternate nostril breathing. In Recharge #8, which was originally titled “Head and Shoulders Below the Rest,” you will be guided through the essential actions for safely practicing inverted poses. And finally, in Recharge #9 you will move through a hip-opening/forward-bending sequence that culminates in an admittedly bizarre looking pose that nevertheless relaxes the neck. Of course if you have a lavish whole hour to focus on your wellness, then try practicing all three of these videos in the order presented. Your body-mind will feel calm, alert, centered, and present. Hope you enjoy!