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Why My YogaToGo?
The purpose of My YogaToGo is to help you practice yoga on your own with more consistency. Even if you are stuck in a hotel room on a business trip, or if you can’t make it to a public class because you’re busy making plans for the holidays, you can always find 10 minutes to do something that will bring balance to your body/mind. Our mantra is, “frequency and quality matter more than duration.” We’ve designed these practices to pack a punch in a short amount of time. That way you can practice more frequently without worrying about the amount of time you spend on your mat. You’ve eliminated the sabotaging mental storyline that goes something like, “If I’m not practicing for at least an hour, then I’m not getting anything out of it. I might as well watch TV.” No! Practice one of our short shoulder-opening sequences and your neck will feel infinitely better while you watch TV. 
Why not just go to a yoga studio?
The key factor in the efficiency of the yoga practice is consistency. The overwhelming obstacle to consistency is a lack of time. We all say this all the time, “I have SO much to do – how can I possibly manage to incorporate yoga into my busy schedule?” And yet we all know that if we don’t prioritize on our ever-burgeoning to-do list, then we feel irritable, lethargic, and generally unhappy.
In addition to the over-arching purpose of supporting students in their home practice, My YogaToGo is intended to introduce the benefits of yoga to everyone who is unable to make it to the studio for one reason or another. There are countless reasons why you might never walk through the door of even the most welcoming and non-intimidating yoga studio: perhaps you simply cannot find a class that fits into your work schedule; perhaps your only open window to take care of yourself happens to be when your baby is napping and there’s no chance of leaving home; or maybe you just flat-out loathe the idea of participating in a ‘group exercise’ setting.
While nothing can ever replace the presence and the feedback given by an attentive teacher, doing any amount of yoga on your own will plant and nourish seeds for sustainable health. My YogaToGo is a passionate plea for home practice and an open invitation for anyone to participate in their own wellbeing, irrespective of age, gender, religious orientation or physical capabilities. My YogaToGo offers convenient, efficient, and accessible yoga instruction as a clear path to a balanced body/mind.
Who designed these programs?

Geoffrey Roniger is the director of My YogaToGo. Well-known in both the San Francisco Bay Area and the Greater New Orleans Area for his clarity, sincerity, and creative use of imagery to guide his students, Geoffrey’s enthusiasm for yoga is undeniably contagious. Formally trained by both Rodney Yee and Richard Rosen, Geoffrey approaches Hatha yoga with equal emphasis given to alignment, movement, and breath. He has appeared in Yoga Journal numerous times, has served as a faculty member in several teacher training programs around the country, and has over 10 years of experience teaching private clients ranging from professional athletes and CEOs to people with disabilities and corporate desk workers with back pain.
Geoffrey’s main strength lies in his keen understanding of the essential qualities of each pose so that he is able to teach both modified and challenging versions of the practice to maximize its therapeutic benefit. Most people find that his teaching is entirely accessible and that his ability to guide them through the landscape of their inner body has helped them to discover new frontiers and new levels of ease. His mission, and the underlying inspiration for this program, is to convey the key philosophical insights from the yoga tradition in a way that is relevant to our culture. And since ours is a culture that is largely sedentary and seems to have less time than past generations, it makes perfect sense that all of the My YogaToGo practices are intended to help wake up the body and pacify the mind in a reasonable period of time.

Who is My YogaToGo for?

Everyone! We called it “My YogaToGo” because we want you to be able to participate in a practice that is best suited for you. These practices will help orient you if you are a brand new beginner; they’ll help refine your awareness if you have more experience; and they’ll help challenge you if you are a more advanced student of yoga. We’ve been propagandized by the magazine covers to believe that yoga can only truly belong to people who are thin and naturally flexible or perhaps to people belonging to a certain socioeconomic category. At My YogaToGo, we are adamantly opposed to such notions. We think that as long as you are breathing you can enjoy increased awareness, improved coordination, and an overall sense of spaciousness that comes from simply taking the time to listen inwardly. And as for “liberation,” we take refuge in the fact that every account of enlightenment includes the radically simple message that the meaning of life can always be found in the wonder of the present moment. Therefore, we humbly keep our sights set on the basic principles of grounding and waking up so that we can see through some of the illusions that our conventional way of thinking has created.

What do I get once I subscribe to My YogaToGo?

You will get a whole catalog of videos that are organized for you to easily search by level, area of the body, energetic focus, and even specific sport strengthening. Want more of a certain video type or have an area you would like to learn more? We are constantly updating based upon several factors, such as your feedback, changes of season, and inspirational insights that we gain from our enthusiastic involvement in this lifelong practice. You will be able to access our entire library anywhere and anytime through your laptop or mobile device. And of course after practicing you will feel energized, calm, clear, and content.

How much does a subscription cost?

For $16/month, less than the price of one drop-in studio class, you get access to our entire library of instructional videos with new lessons added every week. We want to make the benefits of our program available to anyone. There are no contracts or long term commitments: You can cancel at any time.

Do I have to sign a contract to become a member?

No! There are no contracts and no fine print. You can cancel your subscription anytime. The only commitment we hope you make is to your own well-being.

Do I need to buy a yoga mat or other props?


While a yoga mat is helpful, it is not essential as you can do many of the videos literally anywhere, anytime. If you are new to yoga, there are basic props used in demonstrations in some of our videos that make achieving a safe, effective pose easier. In order to access the full range of adjustments offered in our instructional videos we recommend purchasing the basic props listed below. You can click on any of the items to be taken to that product at Yoga Accessories but you can order from anywhere you prefer (we don’t get a sales commission!).


What is the My YogaToGo approach?

The style of yoga presented by My YogaToGo can broadly be categorized as Hatha, which is the yoga of embodiment. We could happily provide a lineage list of the teachers who have influenced the way we do things. But the human mind loves labels so much that to indulge its need to compartmentalize might take us farther away from the basic reason for this practice, which is to come back to balance. The word Hatha literally means ‘forceful,’ and it is quite common for the Western mind to interpret that as a method requiring willpower and determination. However, it is more appropriate and useful to translate Hatha as meaning ‘full of the force.’
We emphasize balancing opposing forces and directing the flow of force through the body. When practicing in this spirit, we are not concerned with forcing the spine into Cirque de Soleil backbends or forcing the legs into a twisted pretzel shape. We work with the body in a listening and responding way so that we skillfully move it in the direction of balance. We are process-oriented rather than goal-obsessed. And while a healthy dose of discipline and determination are required in order for us to even show up on the mat, ultimately it is the principle of balanced effort that will make this practice sustainable for a lifetime and lead us to a peaceful place of inner equilibrium.

How do I know what level of instructional video to choose?

In our Level 1 programs, you will receive detailed information about how to build a strong, trustworthy foundation. Your attention will be directed to the most obvious features of the poses so that you will have a clear sense of structure and orientation. Additionally, you will receive helpful hints on how to avoid the most common alignment mistakes that could eventually lead to injury. Demonstrations of how to use props will enable students to practice safely at their own frontier without compromising the integrity of their joints. These classes are designed for students with little or no yoga experience, but they are also useful for seasoned practitioners who want a refresher on the nuts-and-bolts aspects of the poses.


In our Level 2 programs, you will build upon the foundation that you’ve established in level 1 and begin linking poses together by following the natural rhythms of the breath. While a basic knowledge of the essential poses is assumed, detailed instructions and modifications are offered so that you can still practice safely and effectively. You will refine your foundation, and at the same time you will be introduced to backbending, frontbending, twisting, and inverted postures that demand more strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. The use of props will enable you to practice in a way that feels challenging but not overwhelming.


In our Level 3 programs, you will practice the unmodified versions of many different types of poses while being reminded not to abandon your foundation or sacrifice the integrity of your alignment. Your stamina will be challenged as you move more fluidly from pose to pose and as you hold poses for specified amounts of time. Sometimes you will be asked to move courageously toward deeper backbends, twists, forward bends, inversions, or arm balances. And other times you will be challenged to deepen the integration of your mind, body, and breath in familiar poses by practicing them with increased subtlety. Obviously it is assumed that you are quite familiar with yoga’s key principles, but in accord with our approach, you will still be led through the practice in a detailed and easy-to-follow manner.



“On the path of yoga, no effort is ever wasted, no gain is ever reversed, and even a little of this practice will shelter you from great sorrow.” ~Bhagavad Gita 2.40