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20 Poses in 20 Minutes
Are you tired of being tired? Feeling dismayed by the fact that you haven’t been able to carve out enough time in your busy schedule to make it to your favorite yoga class? Try this delectable practice of 20 poses, and in 20 minutes you will feel re-energized and re-balanced. Without the use of any props, you will be reminded to not attempt your deepest expression of any of these poses, but rather to simply re-acquaint yourself with the shapes and the energetic properties that they evoke. This is the perfect way to maintain contact with yoga when life feels hectic and overwhelming.

Travelers Series - The Rest Stop
If you were to bust out Triangle Pose in the middle of a rest stop in a stereotypically conservative state, you might receive anything from weird looks to vocal threats from onlookers. We’ve designed this brief practice in order for you to inconspicuously work on re-aligning your posture after long stints on the road. Using only the bumper or back hood of your car, you will simultaneously stretch and strengthen your legs while relieving discomfort in your lower back. All in the amount of time it takes to fill your car up with gas!

Go To Series 1 - Energizing & Grounding
This is one of my go-to recipes for feeling strong, grounded, and centered in less than 30 minutes. In this well-rounded practice you will strengthen your arms and abs with challenging yet approachable arm balances, open your hips with interesting squat variations, and free yourself from the stagnation and lethargy that reside in your lower back. You will feel energized yet calm and much roomier in your own body. All without the use of props!

Preggo Glow - Prenatal Yoga
Find out what the lovely and talented Katherine Jilbert has been doing during the first two trimesters of her pregnancy to transcend fatigue and mitigate nausea. This well-rounded, well-paced practice is appropriate for women during all stages of their pregnancy, regardless of how much yoga experience they’ve had, because instructions are given in a detailed manner and modifications are offered throughout. May this video be a beacon of hope and a treasured resource for all pregnant women who cannot regularly attend a prenatal class.

“On the path of yoga, no effort is ever wasted, no gain is ever reversed, and even a little of this practice will shelter you from great sorrow.” ~Bhagavad Gita 2.40