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Renaissance Restoration Series 1
Restore order to your lower body in this simple sequence that features reclined stretches for the hamstrings, hips, and lower back. This practice is an ideal way to relieve general stiffness morning, noon, or night. Perfect whenever your back feels achy and your energy level is low.

Core Tune-Up
This short, no-frills practice was designed to help you feel centered, strong, and awake. With creative variations of Chaturanga Dandasana, also known as Push-Up Pose, and challenging renditions of the MyYogaToGo staple, Core Thinker’s Pose, you will build considerable heat in your body in very little time. This should definitely be added to your favorites list for whenever you need an efficient and rewarding workout.

Free Hips 1
This is one of my favorite hip opening sequences ever! Creative prop use allows you to access some of the more difficult, daunting poses. And the overall effect is that the right and left sides become more symmetrical, which balances the pelvis and unlocks the lower spine. So whether your intention is to relieve lower back pain or free the stagnation in your hips that results from excessive sitting or running, you will definitely want to add this practice to your favorites list.

This half-hour practice was designed specifically to help computer users liberate themselves from the inertia of a collapsed chest and a slumped upper spine. The sequence begins with a couple of strong sun salutations and standing poses to warm you up and get you moving. Then you will target the stiffness in your chest, shoulders, and upper back with a few key stretches before moving into some mild back bends that will re-align your posture and boost your mood. This is way better for you than afternoon coffee because you’ll get all of the energy without the jitters or upset stomach. Reboot, re-balance, restore.

“On the path of yoga, no effort is ever wasted, no gain is ever reversed, and even a little of this practice will shelter you from great sorrow.” ~Bhagavad Gita 2.40